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Have you ever thought of using coloured mice to add or subtract?

With this Wodibow game the coloured mice will teach you how to add and subtract easily. The orange ones are the units, the green ones are the tens and the red ones are the hundreds. On the board, which you build as a puzzle, you can line up the mice to perform the sum.

The base is like a chalkboard and you can write down numbers to help you do the math. We learn things better when we break them into small pieces, or into mice. There’s nothing simpler if we break down the sums into mice so we have fun while learning to add and subtract.

Adding with coloured mice is so much fun.

Chalking Sumouse contains 35 painted beech-wood pieces and 6 sticks of chalk. There are 30 mice —10 of each color— and 5 board pieces. It comes in a 14 cm x 14 cm x 19 cm box that weighs 0,78 kg. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, because with Chalking Sumouse we include a little instruction manual.

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