Grimm’s Seven Friends in Bowls

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A classic and timeless toy that will stand the test of time. Through their different colours and different types of wood, the Seven Friends reflect our wonderful diverse world as well as celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. Each one of these little hand-painted wooden figures has a different look and individual wood grain. These happy little wooden figures, made from different types of wood from trees indigenous to central Europe, are gender neutral. With no specific facial expression, they can be either sad or happy. With their simple appearance they spur on the child’s imagination instead of restricting it by offering too much detail.


Product contains: 7 wooden figures in 7 wooden bowls, 15 pieces. 

Wood: Three different types of wood from sustainable forestry, depending on availability (maple wood, beech wood, cherry wood or alder wood)

Non-toxic water based color stain/frame non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Dimensions: frame diameter 19 cm, figure height 6.5cm / diameter 3cm.

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