The Troll and the Kist of Gowd

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There wis yince a troll that steyed ablow a brig.
(That’s jist whaur trolls are meant tae stey.)

Meanwhile, awa oot tae sea, there wis some pirates that steyed in a ship.
(And that’s jist whaur pirates are meant tae stey.)

Trolls, they say, are meant tae eat goats, but nae goats cam teeter-totterin ower this troll’s wee brig. Sae he ate fush insteid.

So begins this hilarious tale of the adventures of a bunch of incompetent pirates who can’t cook, and a crabbit auld troll who can. Their lives seem very far apart: the troll, whose favourite dish is goat, tries and fails to eat the creatures crossing various bridges he hides under; the pirates, who like to eat fish, try and fail to find buried treasure. But by a series of coincidences their paths cross – with dramatic consequences!

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