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Fantastic wooden discs with letters. Excellent way to introduce children to the alphabet.

The toy helps through learning to recognize letters, writing and reading. Perfect to use during various activities of learning the sound and shape of letters, sorting their order in the alphabet or to make words. All blocks are double-sided. On one side of the circle, there are uppercase letters, on the other side, the matching lowercase letters from the printed alphabet. For example, on one side of the circle, there is a big "A", on the other side a small "a". It helps to remember the shape of the same small and capital letter.

The blocks are made of solid wood. The letters are engraved on the wood surface, thanks to this they are extremely durable. All toys are handmade in Poland.


The alphabet set is packed in a nice eco-friendly and practical cotton bag with a label, which makes it perfect for a gift. The bag contains a set of 26 double-sided engraved circles with letters that form a full set of English alphabet.


Solid alder wood

Dimensions Disk diameter: 4,6 cm | 1,8 in

Recommended Age

The toy is recommended for children 3 years and up, but all elements are big enough for children from 10 months.

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