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Yoto offer an incredible library of cards to play on your player that are suitable to be listened to from birth to 12 years old+, with this starter bundle containing 6 cards

Main Features:

Built in battery for portable play, and a clever magnetic dock to re-charge. 

A simple matrix pixel display brings the audio to life (and tells the time!)

Designed for flexible play around the home. 

A parents' app to manage settings behind the scenes. 

Free content, new every-day podcasts, radio, and Yoto Daily podcast.

Use Yoto Player as a regular Bluetooth speaker. 

What is included with a Yoto Player?

- Yoto Player

- Magnetic Yoto Charging Dock with UK and EU pins (5.4 foot/ 1.65 m cable length)

- Welcome Card

- Setup Guide

Does Yoto Player require WiFi?

Yes, you need WiFi in order to setup Yoto Player. When you insert a Yoto Card into Yoto Player it downloads the content from our server. Once it has downloaded the content, then it can be used without being connected on future occasions*. The player has up to 140 hours/ 8Gb of audio storage. 

*Note that you can disconnect Yoto Player from the Wifi via the app.

What age is Yoto suitable for?

Yoto Player is suitable for use by anyone aged 3 and over. However the content library contains cards suitable for children from birth to 12 years old.

What cards are included? 

The starter pack includes a selection of cards to get you started with Yoto, containing cards from all of Yoto's audio categories: story, music, activity, podcast, radio and sounds effects. The card pack includes:

The card pack includes:

My First 100 Words - A fun intro to common words in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian with accompanying images.
Crackling Fire - Turn your Yoto player into a crackling fire with evocative sounds! 
Story Shed Podcast - Yoto’s own Jake Harris, a primary school teacher, creates this gem of a podcast which updates regularly.
Robin Hood: A Musical Adventure - A modern take on a childhood classic! Filled to the brim with music and adventure.
Hotel Flamingo - This sunny, funny audio story is an animal-lover’s dream. Imagine the Grand Budapest Hotel run by the cast of a Dick King-Smith novel and you’re halfway there!
Songs from the Playground - The world is a playground, and music is the key. There's endless fun for everyone with these fresh takes on schoolyard classics!   
Make Your Own - Unleash your creativity with a blank Yoto card that can be linked to (almost) anything!



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